Dog Walking

At A Step Beyond, we specialise in working breeds

Collie running through grass chasing ball

Having years of experience of living and working with dogs that were bred to work all day we provide a walk specifically geared to their needs. Our walks combine exercise and fun training games to tire the dogs out physically as well as mentally. Allowing a working breed to race around for an hour will result in a very fit dog that is still ready to go for another hour or two.

By incorporating training and rest breaks into our walks, the dogs really have to use their brains. Endless running around and chasing toys can also result in injury, so we combine low energy breaks and controlled play with toys into our walks to ensure the dogs go home happy. We do, of course, welcome all breeds that can cope with a full hour walk with friends.

Our group walks regularly take place around the Rising Sun, Weetslade, Havannah and East Cramlington. We also have the occasional trips to places such as Chopwell Woods and Druridge Bay. Walking locations are changed throughout the week, to ensure we go to a good range of places to keep us all interested.

Please take a look at our FAQ’s below or contact us for further information.

Group Walks Prices

One hour – £12

Additional dog from same household – £6 

We offer two group walks per week day – late morning and early afternoon.

Weekends and bank holidays may be available on request and may incur an additional charge.

Cocker Spaniel and Springer running through grass on dog walk


How long are your walks and is travel time included?

Each walk lasts an hour from the time we all get out of the van. Travel time is not included in the hour and the dogs are often away from home for 2-3 hours, depending on the walk location. We walk no matter what the weather throws at us, unless in extreme circumstances. All owners will be informed if any changes are necessary

How many dogs are in each group?

Week day group walks allow up to 6 dogs to be walked together. Walk locations are chosen based on the mix of dogs and their individual needs.

Do you let the dogs off lead?

Dogs are initially walked on lead, they then swap to a long line, before being allowed the freedom of off lead time (with owner’s permission). All dogs wear an additional collar tag with our contact information whilst out on our walks.

Do you include any training?

Basic training is part of our walks to ensure the safety of the dogs under our care. Fun training games are used to build upon recall and basic manners – such as a sit and stay, being polite around treats and swapping a toy to enable the fun game to continue. Scent games to hunt out treats or toys really get the dogs using their brains and working together to find their rewards.

Do you allow the dogs to play together?

Play between the dogs is kept to a minimum and the emphasis of our walks is for the dogs to enjoy each other’s company whilst having fun with their dog walker.

Do you clean the dogs at the end of the walk?

We have a portable dog shower and an endless supply of towels to get the worst of the mud off at the end of our walks. We cannot guarantee we will return a spotlessly clean dog, although we do try our best.

Do you have any insurance?

We are insured for public liability, care, custody and control, and key cover.

How do the dogs travel?

The dogs are transported in our air-conditioned Vauxhall Vivaro. The van is professionally fitted with individual secure crates, while non-slip rubber matting and vet bed ensures the comfort and safety of the dogs at all times. 

Is your dog ready for a fun & energising daily walk?