doggy daycare

Are you looking for a bit more than a daily walk for your dog?

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Are you out of the house for extended hours and your dog needs more than a walk?

Does your dog not settle when left for more than an hour or two?

Our adventure day care can fill the gap between a daily walk and your return home from work.

Instead of a daily walk, your dog can join us on both of our daily walks. They will receive plenty of exercise and training breaks, as well as lots of cuddles and company from their canine friends.

Take a look at our dog walking page with FAQ’s to find out what our walks are all about.

Adventure Daycare

Daily adventure – £18

Day care hours are 9.30-15.30/16.00 – depending on the area where you live.

Additional hours may be available for a small additional charge.

Weekends and bank holidays may incur an additional charge.

Is your dog ready for a daycare adventure?