puppy visits

Are you getting an exciting new addition to your family?

Puppy Visits Cochrane Park NE7 Haydon Grange Victoria Glade High Heaton NE6

Are you going back to work but do not want to leave the pup unattended all day?

Have you got an adult dog that needs a walk and a new pup that needs some individual attention?

Do you have an older dog that can no longer cope with hour-long walks but needs a break during the day?

 We will work with you to arrange to visit your pup within your home. It is recommended that young pups are not left alone for longer than 3-4 hours. Puppy visits will occur mid-morning and mid-afternoon if you are at work all day, so your pup has plenty of opportunities to toilet outside and be given regular interaction.

We can feed your pup, provide training and play time in the home or garden, clean away any ‘accidents’, refresh water and offer lots of cuddles.

Once your pup has completed its course of puppy vaccinations, we will start to introduce short walks to help with socialisation. As the pup matures, they will slowly be introduced to travelling in our van and gradually meet the older dogs they will ultimately be joining on walks once they reach 6 months of age.

These visits can be adapted for older dogs that can no longer go for walks during the day, but may need a toilet break and lots of cuddles. The same can apply for a newly-acquired rescue dog that needs its vaccinations or time to settle in your home before going out for walks.

Puppy Visit Prices

20 min visit – £7

2 x 20 min visits per day – £12

Bank holidays and weekends may incur an additional charge.

Does your new puppy need some fuss and cuddles?